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Welcome To My Investor Page!

This page will be changing constantly so I can better serve my investor-clients and potential investor-clients. This is my “passion within my passion.” I can confidently say there are going to be few Realtors who are going to know this space better than I do. Let me know how I can help you! Enjoy this links below.

Investor Services Provided:

  • Recommendations on flip properties
  • Recommendations on rental properties
  • Recommendations on owner-finance properties
  • Due diligence on any residential investment
  • Listing services for flip properties
  • 1031 Exchange
  • Wholesale properties for investors

Home Flip Analyzer (Click Here)

This is a tweaked version of a Flip Analyzer from “The Wholesale Bible” by Than Merrill. 

Need Your Numbers Run or Double-Checked? 

Want Me To Find You Investment Properties?


What is “Off-Market” And What Does It Mean For Buyers?

In DFW, we have one of the “hottest” and most-competitive real estate markets in the nation — like top-5, depending on what source and variables you’re looking at. What does this mean? It’s harder for buyers to find homes you’re not going to over-pay for. When a home is “off-market” it is simply not marketed on the MLS to thousands of Realtors and tens-of-thousands home buyers. I created this list to give buyers a shot at homes they may not otherwise see.

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