Selling Your Home

Listing Process

You’re a seller. You are interviewing agents. That’s great! Here are the 5 questions you want answered:

  1. How available are you during the process?
  2. Do you have a track record?
  3. What will you do to market my home?
  4. What will my home realistically sell for?
  5. How much will I net after closing?

How Available Are You During The Listing Process?

David Stoltzman | 817-455-4109 | — Realtor

Randy White | 817-909-9125 | — Broker

Brenda Lawless | 817-865-6400 x 102 | — Transaction Coordinator

Teresa Smith | 817-865-6400 x 100 | — Listing Coordinator

Communication & Details

  • Immediate agent feedback via ShowingTime (when showing agent provides).
  • Communication on market feedback weekly until contracted.
  • Communication on contract status daily once under contract.
  • Guided and represented during contract negotiations.
  • Guided and represented through the option period.
  • Monitor time sensitive points of the contract.
  • Follow up with Title Co. and Buyer’s Lender; monitoring the transactions progress.
  • Continuous updates to you regarding your listing until closing.


Do You Have a Track Record?

When someone asks about track record, what that means to me is, “Do you know what the hell you’re doing? Because if something goes wrong or there is a problem, I want piece of mind you are prepared and experienced enough to mitigate it.”

I have done transactions in every niche of residential real estate at every price point, and have encountered issues most Realtors wouldn’t see in a 20-year career. (Ask me about my Lucas land deal, or my Fort Worth listing almost burning to the ground, or my triple-close.) I have sold all over DFW with a variety of clients and client-needs. I’m confident I can deliver on your needs, and have your back if something goes wrong. Don’t take my word for it though. See what others have said:  Click Here for Testimonials




Do You Have Strategies to Get my Home Sold?

Where are people beginning their home search? Internet and Realtors. That’s where we will focus most of our resources.

  • 55% Internet (home searches & research)
  • 17% Realtor
  • 7% Contact a Lender
  • 6% Friend | Relative | Neighbor
  • 6% Open House
  • 3% New Builder
  • 1% Other
Source: National Association of REALTORS | Profile of Home Buyers 2018

David Stoltzman Marketing Menu

  1. Consistent Communication With Our Clients
  2. Team Consisting of David Stoltzman, Teresa Smith, Brenda Lawless and Randy White
  3. High Quality, Professional Photography
  4. Custom Sign
  5. Beautifully Drafted Romance Description
  6. NLP + Visnostic Strategies
  7. Post on Multiple Listing Service
  8. Agent Direct Marketing
  9. Certified Professional Staging + Virtual Staging
  10. High-Quality Marketing Collateral
  11. Mega Open House
  12. Broker Open House
  13. Agent-To-Meet Private Showings
  14. Exclusive Digital Marketing:
    1. Custom Website For Home
    2. Video Tour
    3. Syndicate to Zillow,, etc.
    4. Social Media Marketing
      1. Create/Launch YouTube Video
      2. PAID “Coming Soon” + “Just Listed” + “Sold!” Facebook Advertising
      3. Instagram Advertising
      4. LinkedIn Marketing Exposure




What Price Can I Expect my Home to Sell For?


DO NOT trust the Zillow Zestimate 

“The Zestimate® home valuation is Zillow’s estimated market value, computed using a proprietary formula. It is not an appraisal. It is a starting point in determining a home’s value. The Zestimate is calculated from public and user-submitted data and does not have sold prices, therefore, they CANNOT calculate YOUR homes value!”

* Provided by

You, as a seller, are going to have a price in your head for what your home should sell for. The market, may have a different price. The appraiser will have yet another price. My job is to get you the best price. One you’re excited about. How do we get there?

There are two theories to pricing a home:

  1. Start at the high end of the price range; negotiate down to the eventual market price.
  2. Start at, or slightly below, market value; create a bidding war.

Neither is the right way or wrong way. But, one thing is for sure: a listing is like a gallon of milk. The longer it sits, the quicker it spoils. If a sits on the market, buyers think there is something wrong.  Don’t be the house people call their Realtor to ask, “Hey, what’s wrong with THIS one?” 

Pricing CorrectlyProperty Interest Level

Get a Free Home Valuation Estimate Within 24 Hours — NO STRINGS ATTACHED!



How Much Will it Cost Me to Sell, And What Will I Net After Closing?

Click on the link below for a basic Excel spreadsheet I made to calculate your closing costs as a seller. It’s very simple!

What Will I Make on My Home?

*These are estimated costs. They are not exact and should not be treated as such. Always consult the title company you are working with to know exactly what your closing costs are!


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