Seller + Buyer Testimonial

Many people wonder what value a realtor brings to buying or selling a home. I was one of those people. Then I worked with David Stoltzman and recognized the difference between what I could do on my own and the insights and benefits a true professional can offer. In selling my home, he created a  solid strategy that got me my asking price. And when that offer fell through—he explained he had kept in touch with the other people who offered me the same—“just as a backup.” They bought the house. If David hadn’t secured that backup offer, I could have lost time, money and the house I wanted to buy. David tightened the criteria for my new house and we were able to quickly decide which home was the perfect home for me. He was responsive, available, smart and personable—and really knows his neighborhoods. But it’s not just about walking through houses. David has connections with other professionals that are as Top Gun as he is. The mortgage person, the title company, the inspector, the photographer, stager, moving companies—all pros. My favorite “value add” was the phone call David arranged where I talk to one person and he sets up my Internet, TV, utilities, security alarm and even a locksmith. This company reviewed each package and explained which were the “best deals.” All those appointments were made and confirmed by the same man. It was seamless. Bottom line? You can do it yourself, but you will miss something, and it will cost you more than you can imagine. You can hire a neighborhood realtor and get someone who treats it (and you) like a hobby. Or you can call David Stoltzman and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with hiring a true advocate who knows his stuff. It’s an investment that I’m glad I made. — Isabel B.

via Zillow